11 janvier 2012

Problems with TABLES command in Epi Info 7 (updated)

A french user of Epi Info 7 have reported to me a problem with TABLES command in classic analysis module: when using this command to do a cross-tabulation with at least one variable having more than two categories, no single table analysis appears.   Screens showing the output of TABLES command in Epi Info 3.5 and in Epi Info 7 with the same cross-tabulated variables, Smoke as outcome variable (1:yes, 2:no) and Marital as exposure variable (marital status coded in 5 categories):     Epi Info 3.5... [Lire la suite]
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11 mars 2011

Importing data from Epi Info to R statistical software

To import data from Epi Info™ to R, you need functions for reading data stored by Access, the new data format used by Epi Info.   These functions are provided in package RODBC. So first, you need to donwload and install package RODBC in R.   Once package RODBC installed, two functions are needed : odbcConnectAccess(), to open connection to Access database (Epi Info Project); sqlFetch(), to read data table inside the current project. For exemple, if you want to import data from data table named "principal"... [Lire la suite]
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17 février 2011

Problems running Statcalc Epi Info module with Windows 7

An Epi Info user living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has reported a problem when running the Statcalc module on a computer with Windows 7: Statcalc doesn't run.Instead there is an error message (in french) telling that the version of the software is incompatible with the current version of windows:   In fact one version of Windows 7 (the latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system) is unable to run MS-DOS applications (like Statcalc), MS-DOS being the first operating system made by Microsoft.This version... [Lire la suite]
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