CDC Epi Info 7

A french user of Epi Info 7 have reported to me a problem with TABLES command in classic analysis module:

when using this command to do a cross-tabulation with at least one variable having more than two categories, no single table analysis appears.


Screens showing the output of TABLES command in Epi Info 3.5 and in Epi Info 7 with the same cross-tabulated variables, Smoke as outcome variable (1:yes, 2:no) and Marital as exposure variable (marital status coded in 5 categories):

Epi Info




CDC Epi Info 7


Epi Info 3.5 displays the single table analysis, while Epi Info 7 does not. 


I have pointed out this problem to the Epi Info Help Desk, and I am still waiting for an answer.

An answer once obtained, I will tell you.


As set out in the Epi Info 7 presentation web page, Epi Info 7 is a brand new platform that is expected to grow and be updated over time. So at the moment I encourage you to continue using Epi Info 3.5

Epi Info Help Desk told me that "anything other than a 2x2 table will not display statistics in Epi Info 7".
So it's not a problem du to the new Epi Info version.
I answered that I was quite disappointed, Epi Info 3.5 displaying statistics (Chi-square) for tables larger than 2X2, unlike Epi Info 7.

I think it is a  shame to lose Chi-square statistic in Epi Info 7.

So once again,  at the moment I encourage you to continue using Epi Info 3.5 to analyse your data.